Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Behold, the Krembo

Ah, the small pleasures of life. The Krembo is a winter delicacy here in Israel. Your heart jumps a little when you spot the first ones, when they hit stores in early September, because you know autumn is fast approaching. It is not sold after February, as the heat might melt it before it can reache stores, the poor thing, as it is so fragile.
Krembo, defined: biscuit, topped with egg cream, and the combination is covered in chocolate (mmmm). The cream has several flavors - vanilla being the most popular (coffee is the runner up).

It can be eaten in several ways - first the cream, then the biscuit / biscuit then cream / or just stuffed unceremoniously into your mouth.

When selecting the Krembo at the grocery store, you try out your x-ray vision, and attempt to see through its aluminum foil cover, whether it is cracked or broken. There is nothing more upsetting than unveiling the foil and finding a crushed, hurt Krembo. The sight is sad.


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