Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tri-Color Tuna Salad

I am a devoted fan of Clotilde Dusoulier, creator of the lovely Chocolate and Zucchini. Hers was the first food blog I had ever come across, and it is certainly the one I hit "Refresh" on the most, checking if there are new entries or new additions to her Moblog. She was my main inspiration in creating this blog.

I spent Saturday morning at the gym, and while walking home I was reminded of her salade de concombre au crabe (crab and cucumber salad). It was a hot day, and the salad seemed like a great idea. I replaced crab with tuna (crab isn't Kosher), and my seasoning was lighter than hers, but it turned out just as refreshing and light as I had hoped.

* 1 can tuna (I used tuna in water)
* 1 small cucumber
* 1 very small purple onion
* freshly ground black pepper, fleur de sel

Chop and mix, season according to taste.


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