Monday, May 22, 2006

Linkage: StarChefs Visit Israel

I had a lovely surprise last Friday afternoon, as I was going over the weekend editions of my favorite newspapers, and found a mention of this.

The newspaper article said that the StarChefs visit to Israel was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, but heck, if it gets us good publicity, I don't really mind.

The feature is one of the most favorable things I've read about local food in any international website/publication for awhile, and it sure makes me feel proud about the local food scene.

The last two years have seen a HUGE increase in tourism here, and I hope that when people look back on their visit here, they'll remember the cuisine as one of the better parts of their trip.

I know we are a very long way from France or Italy, in the sense that people who come here don't book restaurants weeks in advance, nor do they expect the food to be fabulous. I'm hoping our reputation (at least in this field) improves, and that a positive buzz will start to pick up some pace.

Edited to Add: Here is a short discussion of the article on eGullet.


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