Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Um, What's Up, Doc ?

Carrot Soup.

A local bistro, a longstanding establishment of 13 years (which is quite a bit, in our unstable culinary climate), called Orna Ve Ela (means - Ora and Ela - which are two women's names, named after the owners of the bistro), recently published a cookbook of all of its recipes.

I chose a relativly simple recipe - carrot soup. I'm quite ambivalent about carrots - I'm not a huge fan of them in my vegetable salad, I'm used to having them finely grated, then topped with a sprinkle of sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice, sometimes with raisins. This was a popular lunch dessert at my Parents house, when I lived with them.
As far as cooked carrot, my immidiet thought is Tzimmes, a holiday specialty, which my mother makes with carrots and raisins, which is far too sweet to me. I'm not a fan of overly sweet as a side dish.

This soup, while quite easy to make, is spiced with curry, corrinder and ground corrinder.

It takes the complex taste of carrot, and pulls it as far as possible from the sweetness, leaving a carrot-ie taste, but none of the sweet. The color is unmistakeable orange, with a few sprinkles of green - fresh corriander. The serving suggestion was with homemade croutons and/or creme fresh. I had it with neither, and had a fab time.


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